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Thursday, 10 May 2012

First attempt of our video

Analysis of Digipak

Front Cover:
With the front cover our original idea was to use a different photo however for our final image we used a black and white effeect and photoshopped the lips red. We did this to continue a theme of dark colours and red, in order to stand out. The image we used is quite simple compared to the previous image we were going to use. From our feedback we recieved criticism about the background and therefore took a new picture with a simple background. From looking at many of the pop artists we recognized that a lot of the images were close up shots, where you could see the emotion in their face, we then tried to capture this and believe we did so successfully. The writing took a while to put together as we wanted to make it seem as if it was a signed copy, we added the more personal touch of a Kiss and scribble writing (which we found on the internet) this was then, added and put in red in order to stand out. I think that 'Addictive' could have been a bit more in bold as it does not match the artist name.

Leaflet Insert and Poster:
We wanted to include 2 things for the insert, one would represent the hit single We Found Love and therefore used an image that was in our video, the image is of her picking a daisy symbolising 'Love me Love me not' the writing on the picture make it seem like a magazine cut out, it is a poster that could be put on the wall, we adjusted the lighting to make it seem a bit darker to symbolize the dark times within the track. I really like the sad face that she is sitting next to as it symbolizes her feelings as she picks the daisy. We were very lucky to find that!

With the leaflet insert we wanted to achieve a simple handout that folded up to assume that Jayme-Lee is kissing herself (If this was folded) we did this to make it seem like a book that is being opened to show her life, the images used were very bright and happy, they showed her true self and were similar to a photo found in a wallet which is what we wanted to get across like. A more personal touch

Competition and Envelope
We wanted to add something a bit mroe rather than just a poster and so designed a competition leaflet that kepts within the colour scheme, we wanted to add a more personal touch and therefore wrote 'Lots of Love' symbolizing a personal card.

Website Analysis

This is the website homepage, we wanted to maintain the black white and red colour format in order to link with the video and digipak, We added a header at the top in order to advertise the new album of our artist, this is quoted 'Addictive'. We also included an advertisment which gives links on where you can buy this album. We found these examples on all the websites that we analysed e.g. Rihanna's and justin Biebers. The background is just plain as we wanted the image to stand out, the image we used was quite simple, the image of Jayme-Lee laying down is very simplistic compared to her 'edgy' side shown when she is smoking the cigarette. The visitors to the website can access the video and like it, which gives us mroe interaction and spreads the popularity, in the hope that it will go viral. We wanted the images to be as eye catching as possible and so used a dark and basic background to stand out with the contrast of the pictures.

These are the tour dates of Jayme - Lee's tour, we included this to improve the popularity and hopefully spread the word of the album. Any artist wants their tour dates to sell out and by advertising this on the website we are increasing potential sales. The tours sponsor is Nike, we decided to use a large well established name as everybody will recognize this. The company is managed by AEG live, we originally got this from Beyonces website and decided to follow this convention, since we did not know any production companies we used this. We trademarked our website as we found this was common in a lot of websites, doing so also gives the wesbite a professional look.

This is the biography page of our website, we decided to include such a page as this was found common in many music websites. Adding a biography page also adds a personal touch about the artist and makes it their own rather than simply just promoting their products. The biography page is also there for the fans, it gives the audience the chance to have an insight into their lives and find out more. We added sponsors all over the page as we recognized this on Pixie Lotts website, she had a number of sponsors and thought that this promotes good business and leaves the artist with good publicity, this is important to give the right image. We again added her sponsors such as Nike, Loreal and Mcdonalds aswell as her Record label, and producers. We did so because other pop websites included this information. We ensured that our artist sponsored a number of charities as a lot of famous people do so, recent publicity has lead to a lot of people sponsoring such charities and so therefore we decided to get Jayme-Lee to sponsor KONY 2012 and War Child.

Together we decided to have a store page on our website so that fans can access different retailers of her album, this is done on Justin Biebers website where he has links to iTunes and HMV. This will give people the oppurtunity to buy the single seperately form the album, which may appeal to them. iTunes sponsor our album and therefore get discount when purchased through iTunes, this encourages people to buy as they would not be paying full price as they normally would. We included quotes from the artist at the bottom of the page to make it more personal, this also gives the viewers the chance to access the outlet to buy the album

Throughout the website we have encouraged the use of the black white and red themes, we have included similar pages to that of actual websites and this is what makes it successful. In terms of pages there is not much difference between each artist, however it is the images that are used that distinguish one from the other.

Initial Branding

Our first idea for our artist name was something that was edgy and different, we didnt want to choose a name that was boring and usual. You never see a pop star with a name like 'Emily' it is always something catchy like 'Pixie Lott' 'Emile Sande'. After looking at a lot of different artists that had their second and last name we decided to use a double barelled name to make it even more unique. We then decided on the name Jamie - Lee however thought the spelling could be changed to image a popstar even further. This is when we came up with Jayme-Lee.

We decided on the album name addictive as we highlight substance abuse throughout, we also dived into the idea of a love and hate relationship, you can be addicted to somebody and this links with the substance abuse.

We kept our track name the same to stick with the conventions of the pop genre, we didnt want to move away from Rihanna as it would be difficult to brand our album and video.

Web 2.0

here is me using an online presentation software that enables me to create brainstorms and do research online. Here I researched about web 2.0 and Michael Wesch, funnily enough i used the interaction of web 2.0 to create this and me blogging now is all down to web 2.0!

Pre production Questionnaire

This is the questionnaire that I initially created before producing our video we found out that

80% of people asked were aged 18-24 and a further 20% were aged 25-34, this gives us the idea to push jayme-lee's image away from one that is appealing to those under 18's. We could consider re branding her image to use the female and male gaze.

50% of people said that they prefered pop music, 30% indie and 20% rock. So therefore by looking at this we are certain that creating a pop music video was the best decision.

This was one of the most interesting questions to use, a lot of people said that bright colours, flashing lights and appealing people all make a music video appealing. It is important to remember your target audience and include things that people want.

100% of people said that colours were important and they also said that it is important to get the right colours, to use colours that stand out rather than ones that dissolve into the background.

nearly 80% of people asked said that Love was the most popular topic of a pop music video, considering the likes of justin bieber and rihanna. 20 % also said that fun and partying was the next best narrative for a pop music video.

Rihanna Interview

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here is rihanna speaking on the reasons behind the we found love video, her interview claimed
"One of the big things for me, I always want to help young women and give them insight into life experiences," she explained. "One of those things is going through an abusive relationship like I did. But that's one thing for me. So I don't want to be the big domestic-violence spokesperson, because that doesn't define who I am. But if I can help young women in any way, and that being one of the things they need help with, then I'll do that."

Rihanna claimed that she wanted to help young women, by giving them an insight into life experiences, she compares this to her abusive relationship with chris brown.